Beet and Blueberry Smoothie

Beet and Blueberry Smoothie

This beet and blueberry smoothie is a great way to add more nutrients into your morning breakfast. Can be made with raw or cooked beets and takes only a few minutes to put together

Ingredients: – Milk  (Almond, Oat, or Coconut) – Vanilla Yogurt (Plant or Dairy base) – Honey – Frozen Blueberries – Fresh Beet – Banana

The Beets: This recipe can be made with raw or cooked beets. Follow link below to learn more,

Step 1:  Prepare the beets by peeling, washing and dicing into small pieces.

Step 2:  Place everything into the blender.

Step 3:  Blend for about 90 seconds or until completely smooth. Add more milk if needed.

Step 4:  Pour and enjoy!

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