Potato Dipping Sauce


Need a good sauce for your roasted potatoes. This is it! Its creamy and is full of fresh garlic and lemon juice.

Why You Will Love This

Beautiful balance of creamy, tangy, garlicky. Great with taters, can’t wait to pair with asparagus! - Mike

Have had this recipe multiple times! It never disappoints and goes great with veggies or potatoes!! You have to try it! - Andrew

What You Will Need

Mayonnaise Fresh Garlic Cloves  Fresh Lemon  Ground Pepper Kosher Salt

1. Allow to chill for a few hours up to overnight.

Tips to Make it Better

2. Make sure the lemon and garlic are fresh. Canned and bottled will not be the same.

Using a press or citrus juicer, squeeze the lemon juice out of the lemon.


Either press  or mince the garlic.

Step: 2

Mix all the ingredients in  a bowl and chill

Step: 3


What to Serve it With:

On a Burger

Roasted Veggies



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