Biscotti Made From Sourdough

The classic crunch and taste of an almond biscotti but with a sourdough twist. It's a great way to use any excess discard.

Why You Will Love This

– Almonds –  Butter – Granulated Sugar – Sourdough  Discard – Eggs – Almond Extract – Vanilla Extract – All Purpose Flour – Baking Powder – Salt

What You Will Need

1. Toast the almonds first! This will bring out their flavor.

Tips to Make it Better

2. Allow to completely cool after the first bake.

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Toast the almonds. Just a few mintutes until they have brown spots. Cool and chop.


Cream butter  and sugar

Step: 2

Add the sourdough discard and mix.

Step: 3

Add dry ingredients

Step: 4

On a  baking sheet with parchment, form into two logs.

Step: 5

Add more almonds and bake

Step: 6

Allow to  completely cool and slice. Bake again

Step 7:

Optional:  Drizzle on melted chocolate.

Step: 8

Serve With Coffee

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