Blackstone Fried Rice

Homemade hibachi-style fried rice cooked on a Blackstone griddle. This is a recipe the whole family will love! Perfectly fried rice loaded with veggies, scrambled eggs, and chicken then smothered in a homemade yum yum sauce. Make the best takeout-style rice right in your own backyard.

Ingredients for Rice – Chicken Breast – Butter –Carrots – Corn – Peas – Eggs – Long Grain White Rice –BBQ Pork  – Green Onion Soy Sauce Mix –Soy Sauce – Garlic Cloves – Sesame Seed Oil – Oyster Sauce Optional

Dice chicken, veggies and measure out all other ingredients. Have everything ready to go.

Step 1: Prep Ingredients

Melt Butter

Step 2:

Add Chicken and Sprinkle with Salt

Step 3:

Move to side when done.

Step 4:

Add more butter, carrots and season with salt.

Step 5:

Add peas and corn.

Step 6:

Add Eggs

Step 7:


Step 8:

Bring it all together

Step 9:

Add rice and spread to an even layer

Step 10:

Add soy sauce mix.

Step 12:

Add green onion and BBQ pork

Step 13:

Cook on one side, flip and cook the other.

Step 14:

Serve with homemade yum yum sauce and enjoy!

Step 8:

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