Corned Beef and Cabbage in a Dutch Oven

Doesn't take all day like a crock pot.

Why Make a Corned Beef in a Dutch Oven

Even cooking.

Starting off with a sear will keep it so tender.

Olive Oil Corned Beef Brisket Carrot Chunks Yukon Gold Potatoes  Yellow Onion Beef Stock Cabbage wedges

What You Will Need

A large Dutch Oven at least a 7qt or larger.


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Sear the corned beef brisket on both sides.


Cover with potatoes, carrots and onions.


Pour in beef stock. 


Make sure the brisket is covered.

Bake in oven at 300 for 2.5-3 hours


Corned beef is done at 165 degrees fahrenheit but is more tender at 200-208 degrees.

When is  Corned Beef Done?

Cook until it is fork tender.

Rest the brisket under tin foil for 20 minutes.


While brisket is resting, slice the cabbage into wedges, place in pot and return to oven for 20 minutes.


Serve warm with a loaf of soda bread.

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