Cream Cheese with Blueberries

– Smooth and creamy – Easy to make – Full of fresh blueberries – No sugar

Reason to Love This Cream Cheese:

Spread on a morning bagel or toast

What to Serve with this  Cream Cheese

Use as a fruit dip

Use as a frosting

– Cream Cheese – Blueberries fresh or frozen – Honey  –  Lemon Juice  –  Lemon Zest –  Cinnamon – Fine Sea Salt

What You Will Need

Start off by simmering the blueberries in a small pot with the honey, lemon, lemon zest, salt and cinnamon. 


In a medium bowl whip the cream cheese until soft, creamy and zero lumps. 


Carefully whip the chilled blueberry mix into the cream cheese until full mixed.  Chill to help set.


Serve on a bagel or with fresh bread.

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