Smoked Salmon  Dip with Cream Cheese

It's creamy, smoky and makes a great appetizer or bagel spread.

Why You Will Love This

This recipe calls for a hot smoke salmon. This version holds up well as a dip.

What Kind of Salmon?

Cream Cheese  Mayo Greek Yogurt Lemon Fresh Chives Garlic Clove Sea Salt & Black Pepper Smoked Salmon

What You Will Need

1. Allow cream cheese to come to room temp. This will make it very easy to whip. 

Tips to Make it Better

2. Chill for 2 hours before serving or overnight for the best flavor.

Break up the  salmon into chunks


Cream together the cream cheese,  mayo and yogurt

Step: 2

Fold in  everything  but Salmon

Step: 3

Add in the chunks  of salmon

Step: 4


Serve With This Dip:





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