Fried Rice Sauce

This sauce was made for a pile of fried rice. Simple to make and full of tons of flavor.

Why You Will Love This

You haven’t lived until you try this Yum Yum “everything” sauce. I literally put it on everything. - Blane

Mayo Ketchup Melted Butter Granulated Sugar Garlic Powder Paprika Onion Powder Salt Sriracha or Gochujang Sauce

What You Will Need

1. Allow to chill for a few hours up to overnight.

Tips to Make it Better

2. Give it a little kick with some Sriracha or gochujang hot sauce.

Whisk mayo, ketchup and melted butter. 


Add all the  spices and sugar.

Step: 2

Whisk until  completely  combined

Step: 3

Chill for a  few hours. 

Step: 4

Fried Rice

What to Serve it With:


Stir Fry



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