How to Grow and Harvest Oregano

Easy to care for

Why you should plat oregano?

Grows like crazy

Can harvest all summer

Easy to preserve

Goes great in all kinds of recipes

Tips for Growing Oregano:

– Plant in full-sun, at least 6-8 hours.

– Plant in well drained soil

– Transfer outside in early spring after the last frost

More Tips for Growing Oregano:

– Can be planted in the ground or in containers

– Divide or thin the plant out after 3-4 years

– Cut stalks once they reach about 6" tall

Oregano can really be harvested at any time. Cutting stalks will encourage new growth so harvest often.

How to Harvest Oregano: 

Just be sure to not cut more than 1/3 of the plant at a time.

The best time to harvest organ is towards the end of the summer right before the flower buds start to form.

Best Time to Harvest Oregano

This will give you the best flavor.

Take sharp scissors or garden cheers and cut at the base of the oregano stalk.

How to Harvest Oregano

Always cut the larger stalks first.

There are three ways to dry oregano but the best is to bundle with twine and hang upside down for 1-4 weeks. This will give you the best flavor.

How to Dry Oregano

Now crush up and store your dried oregano in a glass jar in a cool location to use all winter.

Store Dry Oregano

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Use your fresh oregano in soups, stews, rubs and sauces. Or add to a fresh salad.

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