Risotto with Crab

Crab is perfect for risotto because crab doesn't need a lot to taste great! Risotto has simple flavors and really lets the crab stand out.

Why is Crab Good in Risotto?

Use warm stock.

Tips for Making Risotto

Stir a lot, but also let it rest a bit.

Add 1 cup of stock at a time.

Cook just until al dente.

Don't rush it.

Olive Oil Unsalted Butter Medium Onion  Sea Salt Garlic Cloves Arborio Rice Broth or Stock  Fresh Lemon juice Fresh Chives  Fresh Parsley  Crab Meat Parmesan Cheese

What You Will Need

A medium, heavy bottom pan, braiser or pot.  Spatula or wooden spoon Small sauce pot


Warm up stock in a small pot and keep right under a boil.


Keep it warm for the entire cooking process.

In a braiser or medium pan, warm up the olive oil and melt butter.


Sauté onions until soft and translucent.

Toss in rice and garlic and toast for a few minutes.


Add in 1 cup of stock at a time. 


Stir the stock in and keep stirring until all the liquid is fully soaked into the rice. 

Once stock is fully soaked up, add in the next cup.


Repeat process until the rice is cooked. Do not go by how much stock is left. 


Cook rice until al dente. Meaning it's soft but still has a bit of a bit to it.

Once rice is done add in the lemon juice, herbs and crab meat.


Cook for a few minutes, bringing the crab up to temp.

Serve warm with some fresh bread or roasted veggies.


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