Creamy Tomato and Crab Bisque

Fresh crab meat goes so well in this creamy, tomato based soup. Sautéed veggies that are simmered in stock and then blended until smooth Then add in that fresh lump crab meat..

Why does this soup work?

Butter Olive Oil Onion & Celery Garlic Cloves  All-Purpose Flour Tomato Paste Thyme & Parsley Sea & Pepper Seafood Stock  Bay Leaves Fresh Crab Meat  Heavy Cream

What You Will Need

Dutch Oven or other soup pot. At least a 5.5 qt.


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Sauté onions in olive oil and butter.


Add celery and cook until very tender.


Add flour and fully incorporate and cook. Add in tomato paste and spices.


Add in stock and simmer for 20-30 minutes.


Transfer to a blender and puree  until smooth and creamy.


Add in cream and crab and warm back up.


Serve warm with oyster crackers or sourdough bread.

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