Zucchini Bread with Sourdough

– Super Soft – Uses Sourdough Discard – Easy to make – Tons of shredded zucchini – Freezes well

Reason to Love This Zucchini Bread:

Shred zucchini on a medium size cheese grater.

Tips for Making  Zucchini Bread

Do not over mix.

Make a tin foil tent over the loaf if the top starts to burn.

Allow to cool before cutting.

– All Purpose Flour –  Baking Powder – Baking Soda – Fine Sea Salt – Cinnamon – Ground Nutmeg – Sourdough Discard –Coconut Oil  – Brown Sugar  – Granulated Sugar – Eggs – Greek Yogurt – Vanilla Extract – Zucchini

What You Will Need

In a medium bowl, whisk together all the dry ingredients.


In a separate bowl mix the starter, yogurt, melted oil, sugars, egg and vanilla extract.


Mix in the shredded zucchini.


Fold the dry ingredients into the wet. Mix just until combine.


Pour in a prepared loaf pan and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 55-65 minutes.


Allow to cool in the pan for an hour. If cut too soon it can be crumbly.


Serve with soft butter .

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