Beets in a Smoothie

Yes! beets are great to add to a smoothie. The offer so many nutrients and make a healthy breakfast option.

Can You Use Beets in a Smoothie

Either cooked or raw beets can be used.

Cooked or Raw

Raw beets are better for a high powered blender. If you don't have a high powered version it's best to cook them first.

Almond Milk Vanilla Greek Yogurt Honey Frozen Blueberries Small Beet Banana

What You Will Need

Prepare beet by peeling and dicing.


Boil or roast if needed. Allow to cool.

Place everything in the jar of the blender.


Place the heavier items on top.

Cover, and blend until smooth


Make sure at least the blueberries or banana are frozen. Or both.

Helful Tip

Pour in a glass and enjoy!

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