Blueberry Smoothie

The creaminess from the banana paired with juicy blueberries just make the perfect combo.This is a quick and easy breakfast smoothie to take on the go.

Why You Will Love This

Frozen Blueberries Frozen Banana Oat Milk Greek Yogurt

What You Will Need

Coconut Milk

Milk Substitutions

Almond Milk

Whole Milk

Regular Vanilla Yogurt

Yogurt Substitution

Make sure at least either the banana or blueberries are frozen

Frozen Fruit

Both frozen is ideal.

Place all ingredients in a blender and run until smoothie.

How to make:

My go to smoothie blender is a BlendTec. Can puree anything, with ease.

Best Smoothie Blender:

Turn this smoothie into a smoothie bowl.

Option 2: 

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