How to Clean Dungeness Crab

Dungeness crab

The easiest way to clean Dungeness crab. Just a few steps to fully clean out the crab so all you are left with is that delicious lump crab meat.

Make sure the crab is cooked before cleaning.

Before Cleaning

Dungeness will turn orange when cooked.

Using two hands carefully separate the shell from the body. 


Pull apart where the back of the shell meets the legs.

Scrape out the lungs. 


Use your thumb to remove the section with the eyes and mouth.


Then peel away the other side known as the apron.


Then break the leg segments in half.


Run under cold water and wash away anything that isn't white crab meat.


Repeat other side until all that is left is that delicious lump crab meat.


Now enjoy that delicious cab!

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