Norwegian Potato Lefse

Learn how to make super thin and delicate potato lefse for the holidays. Serve it with soft butter and cinnamon sugar.


– Russet Potatoes – Unsalted Butter – Heavy Cream – All Purpose Flour – Salt For Serving –  Soft Butter – Cinnamon Sugar


Prepare the Potatoes:

Boil, mash and rice the potatoes. Then add butter cream and flour to make a dough.


Chill the Potatoes:

Form into logs and chill in the refrigerator over night.


– Lefse Grill – Rolling Mat – Rolling Pin – Turning Stick – Bag of Flour – Plate to keep scraps – A dry, clean cloth to brush burnt flour off the griddle – Cutting board and butter knife to slice the logs


Prep Work Area:

Make sure your pastry board and rolling pin are very well floured.


Cut Logs:

Working with one log at a time, cut into piece. Size is up to you.


Roll the Lefse:

Dab both sides of lefse in the flour.


Roll the Lefse:

Roll in a few directions, pick up, make sure the board is still well floured, and flip the piece of lefse.


Roll the Lefse:

Continue rolling until super thin. Avoid pushing down hard on the rolling pin.


Grilll the Lefse:

Using a turning stick, transfer from pastry board to grill. Cook for 1 min and flip.


Grilll the Lefse:

Grill the second side until it develops brown spots.


Chill the Lefse:

Store lefse in a tea towel to keep the moisture in.


Serve the Lefse:

Serve with butter and cinnamon sugar, rollup and enjoy!


More Information:

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