How to Plant Onions in your Home Garden

Can harvest at any time.

Why I Love Onions!

Onions are unique because you don't have to wait for them to ripen to harvest. They can be picked at any size

Easy to Grow:

Why I Love Onions!

Onions are really easy to grow. They are hearty and can tolerate colder temps.

Will Store a Long Time:

Why I Love Onions!

When properly harvested and stored, onions will last months in a cool, dark location.

Short-Day Onions - Southern Region, with 10-12 hours of summer daylight. Long-Day Onions - Northern Region, with 14-16 hours of summer daylight. Neutral-Day Onions - Central Region, with 12-14 hours of summer daylight.

Types of Onions

Three different ways to start your onions. Click the link below to get even more info!

Seeds, Sets or Seedlings

1. Make sure you have good fertile, well draining soil.  2. Full Sun 3. Regular watering, but not overwatering.

Tips for Planting

Either dig a trench or small holes 2-3 inches apart. 


Place onion inside and cover with dirt. The top of the onions should be right below the surface.


Harvest smaller onions for salads or wait until they are larger and fully grown.


Do not cover with more dirt as they grow. They will start to grow above the surface.


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