Simple Syrup with Strawberries

A simple syrup is a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water. Flavors can be infused to create a syrup that can be added to drinks and desserts.

What is a simple syrup?

– Really easy to make

Why you will love this strawberry simple syrup?

– Uses fresh strawberries

– Goes great in lemonades

– Can be added to flavor desserts

– Water – Sugar – Strawberries – Lemon

What you will need.

Hull strawberries and remove the stem. Dice. 


Click the link to get the best tool for the job!

In a small pot on the stove add the water and sugar and warm over medium heat.


Add in strawberries and cook for 20 minutes so the liquid reduces and the strawberries infuse the syrup.


Run through fine mesh strainer to catch all the strawberries.


Use the strawberries in ice cream, lemonade or top on pancakes.


Add to a lemonade, Italian soda, or dessert.

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