How to Make Sourdough Bagels

Bagels are surprisingly easier to make at home than you would think. And when made with a sourdough starter, they have that classic chewy texture with a hit of sourdough tang.

Sourdough Bagles

Use bread flour

Tips for making Sourdough Bagels

Let rise overnight

Boil in water bath first

Top with shredded cheese or seeds.

warm water to 85-90 degrees

Only 5 Ingredients! Active Sourdough Starter Bread Flour Warm Water Kosher Salt For the water bath Water Honey

What You Will Need

Mix the warm water and active sourdough starter. 


Mix in bread flour in a stand mixer with a dough hook attachment until it forms a ball.


Cover and let rest 1 hour.

Lightly coat a glass bowl with olive oil and form the dough into a nice round ball. Cover and rest overnight.


Using a bench scraper divide into 8 or 12 balls.


Form into bagel rings.


Rest 1 hour.


Boil each side for 30 seconds. Make sure the pot doesn't stop boiling when the bagels are added.


Bake until nice and golden brown.


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